A trial of choosing not to even try and date. Day 1

I think I became addicted in a way to dating sites and apps along the way.

My first experience was Plenty of Fish at the age of 19 living away from home for my first time. I’m about to be 32 and I just deleted my account on that site…again.

I’ve decided 100 days without even trying to date would be in my best interests.

I am currently growing a new business so I can work for myself and not others and I’ve found just the act of…

Now, I realize dating during a global pandemic is…well weird

Weirder even than it was to date before such a thing, and let me tell you, it was weird then too

So yeah, a date. It was going to be takeout + some OG Top Gear specials. I’m a sucker for those 😂

The reason I’m even bringing this up though is because I listened to the first episode of the @unfilteredwithally podcast today with some seriously amazing real talk about dating and how it should work, how we *should* be…

There are a lot of moments throughout each day where silence takes over.

Often these come from our own choices, but not always. You may find yourself stuck within the silence of someone else, and that can be a scary place to be. You did not choose it and often end up unaware of why that silence even exists.

Living within this silence can become a daily test and hurdle to overcome.

But, this silence does not need to rob you of your peace. …

When we were children the restart was much more simple. Dusting off the dirt from our falls was a little less messy.

As we have grown older each trip up has become slightly messier.

We, with our burdens, have grown a little heavier each time.

At the prime age of 30 [with less than 3 months to 31], I still find myself starting over again and again. Oddly so on the items, I wish I’d kept up a long time ago. You know…when the fall wasn’t so far.

I would love to say I could just keep going, keep it…

Why is it that with this comes the last months of the year being…kind of a let down. As we get closer to the holiday season we think less of our goals of doing better and more about letting go and just doing as we wish on a whim. We give up and give in to all our temptations. …

Smile — and they will assume

Don’t smile — and they will assume

Be 120 pounds — and they will assume

Be 300 pounds — and they will assume

Wear makeup — and they will assume

Don’t put a stitch of the stuff on — and they will assume

I don’t really have an exact person when I write about, “they”. They is simply a statement on the world, society, the people who follow or don’t follow us on social media, the ones we pass on the street. They are the people who we serve at our jobs or who…

I am not sure why but the thought came to my mind and I like the idea. A day to really just consider things, happiness, love etc. Who knows really.

Today I am thinking about dating. It’s bloody hard! Not that being in a relationship is easy or anything, I've had my experience with a long-term relationship. There are no simple ways about it, being single or being in a relationship. Both have their ups and downs. I’ve been single for over three years now and too much…

With makeup or not, under the weather or at your best — we are all beautiful

Have you seen those Dove commercials? The ones promoting beauty in all forms. How about the one with the beauty bar and the ladies who avoid mirrors for 7 days. To come back to their own reflection and see whatever difference there is. There is much more to see in the meaning of that thought though. How we look into the mirror and tend to breakdown the reflection into pieces to be fixed. We look to our wrinkles, scars, stretch-marks, the hair on our arms, how short or long our eyelashes are, the pimple coming in, as things that must…

Living away from the world – From Small Town to Big City & Back

Originally posted on my previous blog/website no longer up.(natashalynn.ca) December 10th, 2013


I did most of my growing in a small town environment — This is pertaining to my intellectual growth mostly but to be technical my 5’1” frame was sure done growing before I moved anywhere on my own. From my birth in Kelowna (yes, a city) – moving to Cherryville BC and then to the North Shuswap I spent 18 of my first 19 years in very small areas of British Columbia. I spent…

Natasha Lynn

Some girl figuring out life. One fall at a time. • • • Knitwear designer + creator :: infixconnection.com - hello@honeyandjoy.ca

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